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Carpet cleaners Solihull

Professional carpet cleaning in Solihull, Shirley and surrounding areas.

Solihull Carpet Cleaning offers a professional carpet cleaning service across Solihull, Shirley, Olton and surrounding villages such as Knowle, Dorridge, Hockley Heath, Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath.  

We utilize top-of-the-line Prochem equipment and solutions to ensure a thorough cleaning of your floor coverings.  Our machines and tools can get rid of all dirt and other tiny debris from your carpets without damaging to the fibers.  Our cleaning products loosen up stains, grime and mud that have made a mark on your carpets.  

Our solutions are 100% compatible with silk and wool, safe for children and pets and typically leave the carpets dry to the touch in a couple of hours.  

Our operatives are professionally trained to follow BSI standard PAS86 which defines best practice in the carpet cleaning industry and fully insured.


Solihull Carpet Cleaning was born from Sparkle Sisters, a commercial cleaning company working in and around Solihull. Many of their domestic customers were asking whether we knew good carpet cleaners in Solihull, either as part of a deep clean or end of tenancy clean but they didn't have the equipment or training to complete it.  

We use only top quality commercial carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals and all of our operatives are fully trained to assess each job individually and identify the correct products and equipment to use on your carpets or rugs to ensure a quality job.


Solihull Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing high quality carpet cleaning services to the Solihull area.  We have satisfied customers in Shirley, Solihull, Monkspath, Olton, Knowle, Dorridge, Hockley Heath, Dickens Heath and Tidbury Green as well as areas of Birmingham such as Yardley, Sheldon and Hall Green.


Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

There are plenty of carpet cleaning companies in that offer a basic service, using variants of a wet and dry vacuum that leave your carpets damp for a day and smelling of wet dog.  We like to think we offer a more professional service that delivers longer lasting results and also uses carefully balanced cleaning chemicals to do most of the work, meaning carpets do not end up soaking wet and are normally OK to walk on in a couple of hours. 

We also recommend caution against so called "carpet steam cleaning"  In the same way that, if you wash your clothes on too high a temperature they can shrink, the same can happen with certain carpet fibres, especially if the carpet fibre and the carpet / rug backing are made from different materials, as is often the case.  As such, we use warm water and balanced cleaning chemicals for a less aggressive but equally effective clean


For more detail on our process, see below;

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Deep Vacuuming

The biggest cause of dirt in your carpets is actually regular day to day dust and dirt that has been pushed down into the carpet fibres and not removed fully by the vacuuming process.

Unfortunately, whilst newer vacuums with their less powerful motors are more environmentally friendly and portable, rechargeable vacuums are a great timesaver, the fact remains that they don't pull up dirt like an old fashioned upright Hoover! (there is a reason the design of the original Hoover didn't change from the 1930s through to the 1980s`!)

Our first step in carpet cleaning is therefore to give the carpet a deep vacuum to remove as much of the loose dirt, dust and hair as possible.

Steam cleaning Solihull
Carpet cleaning Solihull

Analyse and Assess

Key to any successful clean is to understand what we are dealing with.  Carpets and rugs can be made of wool or other natural fibres, man made fibres such as nylon, acrylic or polypropylene or a mixture of the two.  They may be backed with hessian, felt or rubber and all of these react differently to carpet cleaning chemicals so it is vitally important to understand what we are working with.

We will also look for loose carpet fibres or edges that may be exacerbated by the carpet cleaning process and log these.

Solihull carpet cleaning

Stain Removal

Likewise, removing stains is different to carpet cleaning and requires a different process. The reason wool has traditionally been the go to fibre for quality carpets and rugs is because it is hardwearing and easy to dye with water based dyes.  Unfortunately, this means removing that red wine stain from a wool carpet may be a challenge without taking the original colour with it.

We have a range of chemicals for stain removal and will test them on an inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure colour fastness before attacking the stain.

Please be aware that some stains, especially those that have been in the carpet for some time, cannot be fully removed, only reduced.

Pre-Spray with Carpet Cleaning Detergent

Step four in our carpet cleaning regime is the first time a carpet cleaning product touches your carpet and is probably the most important.

The assessment from step one will help guide us as to which products to use but we carry a range of around a dozen products to deal with a range of carpet cleaning requirements.

This step probably does more of the work than the warm water extraction as it breaks down the dirt, dust and debris deep in your carpet fibres.

This is left to soak for 10 minutes to give it time to work.

Solihull carpet cleaners
carpet cleaning Solihull

Warm Water Extraction

Step five is what most people think of when they think of carpet cleaning.  Our machines push warm water deep into the carpet to flush out the dirt, dust and debris that have been loosened up by the detergent and then use a powerful vacuum to suck it back up.

The warm water is mixed with a slightly acidic rinse agent to neutralise the alkaline detergent used in the carpet cleaning pre-spray and return the fibres in the carpet to their natural PH.

Some people ask why warm water and not hot water or steam.  Put simply, too hot and the carpet fibres can shrink or, in the case of man-made fibres, melt, think what happens if you put a wool jumper on a 60 wash.

Check and Sign Off

The penultimate step is a walk round to ensure all areas have been cleaned effectively and no areas are left too wet and the stains treated in step three have been removed or reduced as expected. 

Any areas that are not to standard will be retreated as necessary and / or re-visited with the extraction machine to remove any excess water.

Rug cleaning Solihull
Carpet cleaning service Solihull

Carpet Deodorising

Carpets pick up and hold smells the same as our clothes do, they are made of the same basic materials after all.  

Unfortunately, you can't easily roll up your carpet and put it in the washing machine as you would a T shirt!  

Whilst products like carpet mousse and good old shake and vac give a temporary fix, they simply mask rather than remove the smell.

The final step in our process is to spray the carpet with a professional deodorising spray.  We have a range of different sprays to suit but all penetrate deep into the carpet to keep that just cleaned smell for longer.

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